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Well Done Abba movie review

Well Done Abba Review

Movie Name: Well Done Abba
Actors: Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Sameer Dattani, Ravi Kissen, Ila Arun, Salim Ghouse, Sonali Kulkarni, Rajit Kapoor, Yashpal Sharma, Ravi Jhankal, Rajendra Gupta, Lalit Tiwari
Director(s): Shyam Benegal
Producer(s): Reliance Big Pictures

Editor Review: Well Done Abba Movie Review
Quite like ' Welcome To Sajjanpur' , Shyam Benegal once again showcases rural India on screen in ' Well Done Abba' . However, it also focuses on the corruption in the Indian system. ' Well Done Abba' is packed with powerful performances by its leads. It' s humorous- which gives you many funny moments which are real and natural. It' s a must watch, primarily for Benegal fans.
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Quite like ' Welcome To Sajjanpur' , Shyam Benegal once again showcases rural India on screen in ' Well Done Abba' . However, it also focuses on the corruption in the Indian system. The film is adapted from ' Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi' by Jeelani Bano, ' Phulwa Ka Pul' by Sanjeev and ' Still Waters' by Jayant Kripalani. ' Well Done Abba' is a simple story of simple people told in a simplistic manner. It also includes humor, which is again natural and doesn' t look foolish or just to make you laugh. Like Benegal' s previous works, you will find simplicity and honesty in ' Well Done Abba' too.

However, there exists a down side too. The first half of the film is shot beautifully, but the second half loses pace with unwanted and unconvincing sequences. Though the film has a good story line, it seems lengthy.

In all, we can say ' Well Done Abba' is an average film by a film maker who has earlier given us much better movies.

' Well Done Abba' is a story of Armaan Ali (Boman Irani) and of people of his little village. Armaan Ali works as a driver for a Senior Executive in Mumbai; he takes leave of one month to find a groom for his beautiful daughter (Minissha Lamba), who stays with his brother Rehman Ali (again Boman Irani; double role) and his wife Salma (Ila Arun). Now, Armaan goes back in Mumbai for his job after three months. So his employer now wants him to leave the job for delay in coming back.

Before getting a dismissal from his boss, Armaan has to tell a story explaining his late arrival to the city. The story involves a number of humorous and hilarious incidents. He wanted to take advantage of government scheme to dig a well in his farm. Then after comes, some uncontrollable sequences which led to the government to collapse. Like other ventures by Benegal, ' Well Done Abba' too gives a social message. However, the writing seems weak in the post interval portion. Also, it includes unnecessary and unconvincing sequences which simply spoil the first part of the film.

However, performances by the lead actors are simply marvelous. Boman enacting two different roles is unbelievable. No doubt he is one of the finest actors of Bollywood. Minissha Lamba one more time proves to be a talented actor. The way she has performed as a simple village teenager will surprise you. One more actor who surprises you strongly is Samir Dattani. Without throwing any unnecessary and unreasonable attitude- the way today' s new comers do - he has superbly showcased his talent with WDA. Other actors, who also performed well includes Ila Arun, Ravi Kishan and Rajendra Gupta.

Conclusively, ' Well Done Abba' is packed with powerful performances by its leads. It' s humorous- which gives you many funny moments which are real and natural. It' s a must watch, primarily for Benegal fans.

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Reliance Big Pictures

Well Done Abba Reviews by Twitter Users:

Dibyendu Luha reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 08:13:51Z

to Boman Irani: Saw ' Well Done Abba' and have seen another of yours ' Hum Tum and Ghost' .. thank you for such wonderful performance .. paisa wasool

Neelesh Bhatia reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 07:59:17Z

to Boman Irani: I stay in ghana, west africa. Saw ' Well Done Abba' in a theater with friends. Such a brilliant movie. Congrats to u Boman.

Kumar Sinha reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 07:22:51Z

Well Done Abba...such a heart warming story, no superstars, no foreign locales...a good story, well told. We need more of such movies.

Mahesh Ranganathan reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 07:14:16Z

to Boman Irani- your movie Well Done Abba I went on release day very good movie even your 3 Idiots movie very very good

Ambika Sharma reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:55:37Z

Superb film, nice acting I must say " Well Done Abba" n apart 4m u Manisha Lamba has also done an awesome job. Simply Brilliant!

Gothwal Aditi reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:50:40Z

I loved Well done Abba!! :) there cudnt have been a better abba and best part Rahman ali was so diff from Arman Ali!! :)

Himanshu Arora reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:50:32Z

Well Done Abba is the best movie in recent times making a positive social comment on dealing with corruption...thank u for this

Ashwani Kumar Verma reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:42:06Z

Well done abba was average and Sonali Kulkarni should stop taking up such stupid roles, she is deserves better roles than that.

nitin prabhat reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:33:04Z

saw Well Done Abba yesterday ................ pls go for it . a must watch film

thatsHindi Movies reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:30:41Z

Well Done Abba is a little sparkling gem: Drawn from the innermost recesses of its extraordinarily versatile profo...

Oneindia Portal reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:26:17Z

Well Done Abba is a little sparkling gem

Manita reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 06:14:48Z

watched Well Done Abba ....amazing piece of direction and depiction of state plight esp the governance set up of the country

Darshan Bhanushali reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 05:54:41Z

WELL DONE ABBA IS GR8 movie, wanna watch it again

Faridoon Shahryar reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 04:12:35Z

Just spoke to Mr Shyam Benegal n congratulated 4 Well Done Abba..guys watch his films.. u' ll know so much more ' bout India... Amazing Filmmaker

manisha bharti reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 03:34:38Z

Watched Well Done Abba over d weekend, nice movie...

Anupam Sen Gupta reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 02:57:14Z

' Well Done Abba' and ' LSD' are great movies. Loved them !! Check them out.

KamalAkant reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 02:51:36Z

They should solve problems 1st than Big B issue. Always Neta fighting on non productive issues. Go & see Well Done Abba ' corrupt system'

Kartik Sheth reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 01:28:54Z

Well Done Abba, Indeed !!: When you go to watch a Shyam Benegal movie, you expect an earthy approach to fil...

Sandipan Pal reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 00:52:49Z

to Boman Irani - ' Well done Abba' ... I couldn' t help but tweet that u r one of the finest actors of our country...............cheerz.....

Sandipan Pal reviewed on 2010-03-29 at 00:50:45Z

' WELL DONE ABBA' , well done BOMAN IRANI..got to see a ' basic' movie..........who else than Mr. Shyam Benegal could have done it...........

Debleena Ray reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 23:14:07Z

saw ' Well Done Abba' : a great satire! It is amazing how wide the gap is between schemes and implementations of these scheme!

Jigish Desai reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 20:52:40Z

watched Well Done Abba.. ohh the irony of rural India.. complete mess...

Deepak reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 20:28:30Z

well done Shyam Benegal again....Well Done Abba....know how govt machinery works and fail gr8 policies in INDIA

Anshuman Negi reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 19:53:56Z

Watched " Well Done Abba" today ! suddenly in middle of IPL Season, we r having some real good low-budget movies. Go for it ! Take my word.

abhizalley reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 19:22:04Z

Well Done Abba...really well done...a humorous look at some serious issues...a nice watch...!

Ravi Kapoor reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 18:17:34Z

Watched Well Done Abba y' day. Amazing performance by Boman Irani & Minissha_Lamba looks good in simple attire instead of bikini.

Shibani Bathija reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 17:25:49Z

Enjoyed ' Well Done Abba' very much. Sweet and enlightening.

philipbkk reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 17:16:11Z

Well Done Abba..... Situational comedy you might as well call it a sequel to Welcome to Sajjanpur..

MouthShut.com reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 17:07:54Z

4/5 Review on Well Done Abba by jmathur : Well done Benegal Saheb ! But only half

puneetsinghvi reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 16:50:05Z

Well Done Abba is a good one...

Ritesh reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 16:02:21Z

Well Done Abba: gud movie. Shyam Benegal is way beyond every1 else for movies on social issues.Takes on the corruption in govt frm top 2bottm

VJ Anusha reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 15:56:04Z

Then we went to watch a the movie, Well Done Abba! The performance by sweet Minnisha, Bohmen, Illa and others were great but movie loooong!

Irfan Ali reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 15:29:02Z

Well done Abba..went to buy tickets n while selecting the seating, realized tat there are gonna b only 5 people in the whole of the theater!

Movie & TV Release reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 15:16:25Z

Well Done Abba Movie Review: Shyam Benegal has this uncanny knack of taking the viewer to rural life and bri...

gupsip reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 14:59:26Z

Well Done Abba: A paisa vasool film

1stday1stshow reviewed on 2010-03-28 at 14:56:47Z

Benegal' s back, and his movie rock! Well Done Abba manages comment on a lot of social issues, typical Benegal

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