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Tum Mile movie review

Tum Mile Review

Movie Name: Tum Mile
Actors: Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan
Director(s): Kunal Deshmukh
Producer(s): Mukesh Bhatt

Editor Review: Tum Mile
Tum Mile depicts two kinds of storm- one of relationship and the other is the natural calamity which struck Mumbai on 26th July, 2005. Director Kunal Deshmukh has handled the storm of relationship well, but the flood thing doesn' t make a strong impact. Sometimes you get to feel that the disaster thing is just used as tool to take the love story forward. Good performances by Emraan Hashmi and Soha Ali Khan. Looking at the posters and the trailers of the film, many have guessed that for the first time Bollywood is handling natural disaster with film. But contrary to the expectations, the film doesn' t work much on the disaster. Rather it turned out as the weak link of the film.
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Tum Mile depicts two kinds of storm- one of relationship and the other is the natural calamity which struck to Mumbai on 26th July, 2005. The memories of that fateful day are still fresh in the minds of Mumbai people. And looking the trailers of the film (which strongly signals out the Mumbai flood) people were eager to see how the director Kunal Deshmukh is going to put it in his film. But the director rather has given more importance to the love story. The depiction of the disaster doesn' t make big impact, considering that the memories of the fateful day are still fresh in people' s mind. While watching the film, you get the feeling that it should have given much importance; instead it is just used as a tool to carry forward the story.

The director is succeeded in showing the relationship tiff, but what about the disaster and expectations of viewers?

An estranged couple [Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan] meet each other after a long time of six years on a flight coming down to Mumbai. Since then the movie takes a roller coaster ride as the unusual and disastrous flood hits the city on the same day. The crisis forces them to be with each other. The film then shows the dilemma of the couple, who previously had a beautiful relationship. The story goes back and comes forth, but the director doesn' t gave chance to mislead you.

All goes well with the lovers’ story, but when it comes to the natural calamity, you will not be impressed. The violent rage of the flood is not at all showcased effectively. The director has used stock footage at some places, but it still doesn' t make an impact. It should have given good special effects.

Rather than this, music given by Pritam is top notch. Especially the song ' Dil Ibadat' moves you. Cinematography is also good. Emraan is improving his scale with each film. One should now notice that he is a talented actor, who performed brilliantly in Tum Mile like he performed in his previous films. Soha Ali Khan is also evolved and she is best at her natural. Sachin Khedekar is also good. Mantra also enacted well.

Conclusively, The film will work well at the box office, as the Vishesh Films and Emraan Hashmi - team along with good music has already have created their fan base. But it might get competition from the Hollywood film 2012, which also addresses the disaster.

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Mukesh Bhatt

Tum Mile Reviews by Twitter Users:

Shalini Anand reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 11:34:39Z

just finished watching TUM MILE - sensitive subject; poor scripting and bad direction - just so unexpected from Mahesh Bhatt

Nimira Jivan reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 11:31:42Z

RT@vuttaa Tum Mile, par dekhnewale ko kuch bhi nahi mile... Hmm What a disappontment though Emraan is still HOT!

Upal Chakraborty reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 09:29:15Z

Tum Mile is d worst film i hav ever seen. simply lost d money n time yesterday.

Partha Das reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 08:49:16Z

Liked both ' Tum Mile' and ' Ajab prem ki gazab kahani'

Sailendra Sahoo reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 07:36:59Z

Yesterday saw Tum Mile. Songs are very nice.

kirti kalla reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 04:35:48Z

@emraanhashmi Hey Tum Mile rocks! you looked amazing...! Too good movie....

Rohan Kekatpure reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 04:32:51Z

CBSE may include TUM MiLE in ' Disaster Management' subject to do during floods.....even Rain expresed itself better den Soha.

Nisar reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 04:14:24Z

Tum Mile is one big bore couldnt watch the whole thing had to stop it half way through !!!!

Afsal Jalal reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 03:50:40Z

Goin to college... Bla bla' ing abt the reviews of 2012 N Tum mile all the tym

: reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 03:39:14Z

going to sleep with the movie Tum Mile on my mind ! it was beautiful...

: reviewed on 2009-11-17 at 02:31:57Z

I watched " tum mile" & I absolutley LOVE IT ! like it' s SOOOI CUTE ! I adore Emraan Hashmi <3 that' s like my sexy love right there :P

Bollywood Basanti reviewed on 2009-11-16 at 22:35:13Z

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani (Ranbir, Katrina) continues to impress. Tum Mile (Emraan, Soha) opens poor.

Majid Amer reviewed on 2009-11-16 at 21:40:58Z

2012 and Tum Mile are borefest..... so I heard.

Zeol Shah reviewed on 2009-11-16 at 21:29:37Z

Tum Mile gets Luke warm response

Prithwish Ganguly reviewed on 2009-11-16 at 19:40:48Z

Wat a movie 2012!! Wat effects. Makes bollywood' s Tum Mile' s computer graphics luk juvenile.

Faridoon Shahryar reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 03:53:46Z

@1mrankhan tum mile is a decent watch. A bit slow but d story flow is unconvntional, music is awesome n d performances r imprsive.

Hapnet reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 03:48:51Z

Director Kunal Deshmukh' s second movie, Tum Mile, is a passionate, contemporary take on relationships, with the July 26 deluge as a backdrop

saurabh srivastava reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 03:01:34Z

Tum mile' a gud muv with extraflood water n actress who may flow away in tap water, why floods r needed?

Nitish Jolly reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 02:47:37Z

muvie must hv been named " Tum kyo mile" ..

namitkarlekar reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 02:44:47Z

The 2.5hr ordeal that Tum Mile is, dedicates only 20mins to the Mumbai rains. Utter crap! AVOID!!

Rizwan Riaz reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 02:25:57Z

Watched Tum Mile last nite ! Lived it except for d fact that the climax wasn' t as good as in Awarapsn or Jannat !!

Bollywood Basanti reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 02:23:08Z

Tum Mile: Set against the backdrop of the 26/7 cloudburst.

Sonam Shma reviewed on 2009-11-14 at 00:23:23Z

Not a great achievement but at least Tum Mile got half a mark extra in comparison with Aao Wish Karein lol.

Mayur Shah reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 20:57:32Z

Saw ' Tum Mile' today - rating it 2.5. Average movie with good music.

Rajesh reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 20:10:07Z

Tum Mile... shows Bollywood has money not creativity !!

Ankur Behl reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 20:07:35Z

Tum Mile can be described best in just one word - ' Boring' ....

Sudeep Krishnan reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:46:06Z

Yet another big mistake from my side " Tum Mile" .

Chetan Bhawani reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:33:45Z

Actually both are on different track.. so can' t compare. But still rating for Ajab is more than Tum Mile!

Rohan Nagar reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:33:31Z

" Tum Mile" got great reviews from Times of India and Mid day but NDTV and IBN have given a thumbs down to the film.

Karan Shetty reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:32:03Z

What The f**k. Tum Mile is nothing about 26/7, just a lousy love story.

Sumant Modak reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:16:16Z

Film' s special effects are unimpressive, and the photography is uniformly flat.

Abhilash R reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:12:19Z

btw.. TUM MILE ... jus SUCKSSS>> dnt waste money

Harshit Gupta reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:10:42Z

Tum Mile: Good on emotions, songs. Not much in story. Water is extra backdrop. overll, some 3 on 5.

Chetan Bhawani reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:08:38Z

Back after watching Tum Mile.. Tum Mile my rating 2.5/5.. not a very appreciable movie! Songs are the best part..

Sreenivas Kamath reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:06:42Z

Tum Mile has its moments.. One of t better film of t year with some gud performances from t lead pair.. But cud have been better...

sabarish.r reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 19:04:42Z

Oh crap. Tum Mile is the Hindi version of Titanic.

Bibhu Prasad Pati reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:49:08Z

Had chicken pizza, chocolate brownie, hot chocolate fudge & den a terrible movie " Tum Mile" ......wat a day..!!

fanoftabu reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:44:31Z

Tum Mile with music and the Mumbai tragedy as its USP is aided by extra ordinary performance...

gαυяαν™ reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:21:46Z

The reasn of suddn rain & dat also in novmber & so heavily nd constant is' nt a climate chng as u may b thinkn itz d promotion of TUM MILE=))

Taran Singh reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:21:20Z

Me thinks Tum Mile was good in parts... but thats just about it !!!

Bollywood Reviews reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:16:30Z

Tum Mile is a big bore - Tum Mile suffers also on account of its uninspired leads, Emraan Hashmi and Soha Al...

Sprite reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:05:52Z

Tum Mile - A boring love story dampens the well-executed flood scenes.

Sprite reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:03:11Z

Had the makers trimmed the flashback and given us more of their meeting in the rain, it would have been a better watch.

kyle smith reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 18:00:26Z

Movie Review : Tum Mile (2009): Soha Ali Khan delivers her best performance till date going through a gamut of...

birla reviewed on 2009-11-13 at 17:59:20Z

Masand' s movie review: Tum Mile is a big bore.

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