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Loot movie review

Loot Review

Movie Name: Loot
Actors: Govinda, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Hansika Motwani, Shweta Bharadwaj, Javed Jaafri, Rakhi Sawant, Suneil Shetty, Ravi Kissen, Mika Singh, Kim Sharma, Razzak Khan, Mahesh Manjrekar, Dilip Tahil, Prem Chopra
Director(s): Rajneesh Thakur
Producer(s): Suneil Shetty, Shabbir Boxwala

Editor Review: Loot Movie Review
With outdated story and poor screenplay, Loot has no chance of entertaining the audience. Nothing goes in the film' s favor; even the acting is bad despite some good comic actors. Rating: *
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Loot has been in the making for quite some time now. Therefore, you will even see Kim Sharma in the film whose acting career has been over a long time ago. Loot has a plethora of comedy stars in it and seems to have the potential to do well. However, when a film is stuck in the cans, by the time it is released, the story loses its relevance. Hopefully, this is not the case with Loot. This is how the story goes…

A gang of thieves containing, Pandit (Govinda), Builder (Suneil Shetty), Wilson Mahaakshay Chakhraborty) and Akbar (Javed Jaafri) have been assigned to rob someone in Pattaya, Thailand. As luck would have it, they rob the wrong person and now, they have a don (Mahesh Manjrekar) after their lives. They try their level best to get away but cause even more mayhem on their way. Each time a new goon appears to finish them off they manage to escape somehow. How long can they keep doing it?

Despite it being a rip off of Hollywood' s Crime Spree, the concept seems simple and worthy of a comedy, but sadly, this film is a few years late. Now, after countless comedy films about mistaken identities, this Loot does not seem unique. The audiences can literally guess what is going to happen next. The film suffers mainly due to a poor screenplay.

The screenplay is quite incoherent and there many loose ends. Many times, there is no connection between the scenes and this will cause the audience to lose interest. Even the dialogues are not that good. Double meaning jokes are not funny anymore and the film is full of them. There is a method with which double meaning jokes are to be done. Dada Kondke had perfected it. Sadly, none of today' s writers or directors are capable of doing it. The story and the screenplay are any film' s most important part no matter what. Shahrukh Khan learnt it the hard way and now the makers of Loot will too.

The direction is as bad as the screenplay. Firstly, the assortment of characters and their casting is quite bad. Even the usually funny Javed Jaafri has not been handled well. The biggest failure for the director, Rajneesh Thakur, is the screenplay. The director has to be present with the writers when they are making story into a screenplay and ensure there are no lose ends. However, Thakur seems to have done no such thing and ends up paying a heavy price for it.

Govinda' s career is over. He should either get back to politics or could patch things up with Salman Khan who might give him another break. He has completely lost his comic timing and mumbles and bumbles through the whole film. Suneil Shetty is stony faced throughout. Comedy was never his forte; it was the presence of Paresh Rawal in most of his films that made him look funny. Javed Jaafri is wasted and given one of his least memorable performances. Even the slapstick he tries falls flat.

Mahaakshay Chakhrobarty needs to learn acting and fast. This is his third film but there is still no improvement in him. It' s painful to watch him play a ladies' man in the film. A lady would have to be seriously disturbed to fall for his charms. Mahesh Manjrekar does not have any scope other than to just scowl through the whole movie. He does not seem one bit scary as the don. Support cast also has performed badly. This again is a sign of poor direction, when the support cast does not do well.

The music isn' t that great either. We have three item numbers in the film, and none of them have become chartbusters. Even the one by Rakhi Sawant is ear torture. The songs as if they have been shoved into the film for no reason.

The cinematography is fine. The locales of Pattaya have been framed well. What to say about editing. There is a simple rule; if the screenplay itself is bad, the editing will also come across as bad. There are no scenes or frames for the editor to chop. Therefore, cannot really blame the editor.

The production value is good, which is usually good, but in this case it is bad because that means the producer will lose a lot of money when this film flops. Loot is badly written and badly made and will probably not even make it to the next week. Ra.One is still doing well, although, the crowds have drastically reduced but watching it is better than watching Loot. Also, with Rockstar up for release, there is absolutely no scope for Loot to earn money. It' s time Suneil Shetty chooses carefully the film he wants to invest in or soon he will have to invest in big lock for his production house.

Rating: *

Verdict: Loot is what you will feel after you have spent your hard earned money to watch this film. Don' t spend money on it, instead buy a DVD of one of Govinda' s old films, they are much better.

Reviewed by: Harshal Anand

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Suneil Shetty, Shabbir Boxwala

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Loot: Confused between regular slapstick & several-threads-converge-to-" cool" -pulp film. Convoluted crime story.

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Loot " Review, Critics rating 2.0/5

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Loot Movie Review: Some films take a long time to hit the screens. Resultantly, the story appears obsolete

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