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Be Careful movie review

Be Careful Review

Movie Name: Be Careful
Actors: Rajneesh Duggal, Zaid Shaikh, Tanisha, Kiran Rathod, Asrani, Tiku Talsania, Shilpi Sharma, Sanjay Mishra, Anagha Biswas, Rajpal Yadav, Johnny Lever, Shakti Kapoor, Tulip Joshi (Item Song)
Director(s): Chandrakant Singh
Producer(s): Amrit Dujari, Raju Bhati, Ritesh Choradia

Editor Review: Be Careful Movie Review
Be Careful is supposedly a comedy film, but comedy is what is missing from this film. There is nothing going in its favor and the audience should completely avoid it. Rating: *
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Here comes another sex comedy named Be Careful. Rarely has Bollywood been able to make a good sex comedy, barring Delhi Belly. All the rest have been a torturous assortment of bad puns and senseless gags. Therefore, there are not many expectations from this film. What is intriguing though is that they have managed to get some good comedians like Johnny Lever, Tiku Talsania, Rajpal Yadav and many others for this film. That is what may make this film laugh worthy, but these comedians need to be backed by good roles and good dialogues. Let' s see if they have managed to make at least a decent comedy.

Sameer (Rajneesh Duggal) and Anand (Zaid Shaikh) are two unhappily married friends. They both have a libido that would even put Hugh Hefner to shame. They are on the constant lookout for pretty and promiscuous girls. Their wives, Anjali (Tanisha) and Kiran (Kiran Rathod) are fed up with their behavior. They take help from their respective father in laws (Asrani) (Tiku Talsania) and try to rehabilitate their husbands. However, it is impossible to straighten a dog' s tail no matter how hard you try. The same is the case with Sameer and Anand and they both take off for Thailand. However, to their shock, they discover their wives are also there and are looking for some fun of their own. What happens next is the big question.

Idiotic is the word that would sum up all the aspects of Be Careful. This is one of the worst films of the year and seeing this film would be a waste of two and half hours of one' s life. There is nothing going right in this film; from the story to the performances, the film fails miserably in all departments.

The writing has to be of the worst in recent times. The screenplay seems to be a weird assortment of gags that are not even funny. The worst sequence would have to be the attempted rape scene. How can anyone find that funny is beyond my understanding. The humor in the film is the kind that even high school kids will not find funny.

The first half of the film is boring, but the second half where all the fun is supposed to start is even more terrifying to watch. The dialogues are even worse. There are a lot of double meaning puns. In an extremely funny animated sitcom, a character had once joked that making puns is lazy writing. How true that joke was; the writers have been lazy and have not come up with some good humorous dialogues. If the script itself is so flawed what more can the director do.

The director, Chandrakant Singh, has failed miserably in making sense out of a nonsensical script. The film is bad from the beginning and there are no portions in the film that are at least bearable. He has also failed to get any good performances out of actors. Even brilliant comedians like Johnny Lever and Rajpal Yadav look completely out sorts because of half baked characters. The director has no control over the screenplay and the climax is quite predictable. Overall, quite a poor effort on behalf of the director in making this film.

Not much can be said about the acting either. Okay, granted that the director is supposed to get good performances from them, but the director failed in this film. However, that does not mean that they have to be completely expressionless throughout the film. Even the props in the film looked more alive than the lead pair. Rajneesh Duggal is trying to cement his place in Hindi films. He should completely avoid films like these. The other lead, Zaid Shaikh, is not great shakes either. His timing is totally off, ruining the effect of the jokes.

The two leading ladies are no different. Looks like all of Tanuja' s acting talent was inherited by Kajol and nothing was left for Tanisha. She should give up acting and find another career. Kiran Rathod also hams through most of the scenes. Shilpi Sharma looks hot throughout; too bad she does not have the acting talent to back it up. Veteran actors like Asrani, Tiku Talsania, Shakti Kapoor etc. have nothing much to do in the film. They are all completely wasted.

The music of Be Careful isn' t that great. The item number by Tulip Joshi is okay and she also looks fine in it, but not enough to save the film. The cinematography is good but the effect is ruined by needless and senseless animation in the scenes. The editing is okay. The background score is extremely loud at times and the dialogues cannot be heard clearly. The production value is okay, but they could have spent the money on a better script.

Be Careful will burn a huge hole in the producers' pocket and they will be wary of attempting anything like this in the future. With no other releases this week, this film might see some crowds, but those crowds will diminish once Shahrukh Khan' s magnum opus, R.A. One will release.

Rating: *

Verdict: Be Careful, that' s what the producers should have been, after reading the script. This will prove to be quite a wasteful venture for them.

Reviewed by: Harshal Anand

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Amrit Dujari, Raju Bhati, Ritesh Choradia

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