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Speedy Singhs movie review

Speedy Singhs Review

Movie Name: Speedy Singhs
Actors: Vinay Virmani, Anupam Kher, Camilla Belle, Russell Peters, Gurpreet Guggi, Rob Lowe, Noureen Dewulf, Sakina Jaffrey, Akshay Kumar (Guest Appearance)
Director(s): Robert Lieberman
Producer(s): Akshay Kumar, Ajay Virmani

Editor Review: Speedy Singhs Movie Review
Speedy Sigh will out from the theaters quite speedily. The story has nothing new and unique to offer neither does it have any great performances. Rating: * 1/2
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Speedy Singhs is another story of desis in vides. This time, it is the sport of ice hockey that becomes a bone of contention in a Sikh family. The plot seems similar to Bend it like Beckham, the only difference being that the lead protagonist is a guy. Bend it like Beckham became a cult classic, not just in U.K. but also in India. It depicted the problems of a generation gap amongst the immigrant settlers. The ones who have migrated there from their native land tend to stick with their old culture while their children grow up in the foreign land and adapt to their cultures. This time we have the story in the backdrop of Canada. Let' s see if this film, deliver what it promises.

Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virmani) is good at playing ice hockey which is also the most popular sport in Canada. He wants to play professionally but his father (Anupam Kher) is against it. His father wants Rajveer to involve himself in religion and look after the family business. However, Rajveer is determined to fulfill his dream. He forms an all-Punjabi team called the speedy singhs. This company is sponsored by his uncle' s (Gurpreet Guggi) trucking company and coached by a foreigner (Rob Lowe). So, will they win the hockey championship? Will his father ever understand his dream and support him?

Speedy Singh has nothing new to offer. In fact, this film is not even half as good as Gurinder Chadda' s classic take on sports Bend it like Beckham. There are too many faults in the film. The film follows quite a clichéd path and one can predict what the ending is. Speedy Singh required a better script and some original conflicts. It gives a feeling of ' Been there done that' .

The screenplay of the film is a letdown. It is quite amateurish at times. The characters are one dimensional and you cannot relate to anyone of them. You as the audience get so disconnected from the film that you don' t even feel happy whenever the speedy singhs win a match. The dialogues aren' t that great. The only few chuckles come from Russell Peters while Gurpreet Guggi borders on annoying. Overall, not much can be expected from a film that fails at the story level.

Robert Lieberman fails to create any drama and excitement in the film. He fails to bring to life any of the characters. The narrative style presented by him leaves a lot to be desired. He also fails to get good performances from his actors. Lieberman should have paid more attention to the script and the rest would have fallen into place.

The acting department has done a disappointing job. Anupam Kher plays the character he has over and over again, so there is nothing different from his side. The debutant, Vinay is decent but has long way to go. Rob Lowe is good but does not have much to do like Russell Peters. Peters manages to invoke laughter but he alone cannot carry the film. The female lead Camille Belle is good but her character is not well developed. The rest of the cast is strictly alright.

The cinematography is fine, but could have been better, especially in ice hockey match scenes. The cinematographer could have experimented so much more. The excitement is missing when we see the matches. The editing is alright. The music is decent but the situations where the songs are used seem contrived. The songs could have been promoted well but that did not happen before the release of the film.

The production value is good, but what is the point of pouring in so much if the script is not good enough to support it. The film was promoted well and this will give the film a decent opening. However, the content of the film is not good enough to make it a hit. Speedy Singhs will suffer a sad fate and Vinay' s debut will be an unsuccessful one.

Rating: * 1/2

Verdict: Speedy Singhs will be slow at the box-office and will be taken off even before you know it.

Reviewed by: Harshal Anand

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Akshay Kumar, Ajay Virmani

Speedy Singhs Reviews by Twitter Users:

Swasthik b rao reviewed on 2011-09-28 at 11:05:11Z

Masand: ' Speedy Singhs' is time-pass entertainment

Aayushi Sachdeva reviewed on 2011-09-27 at 07:48:57Z

Speedy Singhs review: why was this film ever made?... (cont)

Wogma Extra Tweets reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 09:18:43Z

Speedy Singhs Review- Decent entertainment, great music, good performances and nice light comedy..shera di kaum punjabi:)

Wogma Extra Tweets reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 09:07:27Z

Watched Speedy Singhs, didn' t like it. My review would make more sense than d movie and it would run bit longer than the movie.

Wogma Extra Tweets reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 09:01:08Z

I thought I would write the review of Speedy Singhs but I gave it a miss. The movie is too cliche.

karan reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 06:50:15Z

Movie Review : Speedy Singhs - A worthless time-warp.

Wogma Extra Tweets reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 06:04:39Z

Made specifically for the cross-over audience, the film tries to be honest to the theme. And this is where it sc...

Wogma Extra Tweets reviewed on 2011-09-26 at 06:04:39Z

Nikhat Kazmi says about Speedy Singhs: It' s a cheerful film that makes you smile with its subtle humour,...

Akshay Kumar FG reviewed on 2011-09-25 at 20:33:23Z

Speedy Singhs Review- Decent entertainment, great music, good performances and nice light comedy..shera di kaum punjabi:)

Akshay Kumar FG reviewed on 2011-09-25 at 20:31:40Z

Movie review: Speedy Singhs. A smart little surprise package that makes you smile. Has finely-nuanced performances

Baljit17 reviewed on 2011-09-25 at 11:42:47Z

Speedy Singhs review is out and its a .....HITTTT OMFG

UłŧiмαŧєΦρρøяŧuиisŧ™ reviewed on 2011-09-24 at 19:28:03Z

" Speedy Singhs" ticks every cliché in the book yet doesn’t disappoint much as u know eXactly what 2 eXpect!

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