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Bol movie review

Bol Review

Movie Name: Bol
Actors: Atif Aslam, Iman Ali, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman, Amar Kashmiri
Director(s): Shoaib Mansoor
Producer(s): Geo Films

Editor Review: Bol Movie Review
Bol comes from across the border after making quite an impact over there; it has been released in India and is sure to do well. Rating: ***
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Here comes another film from the neighboring country. Bol is directed by Shoaib Mansoor of Khuda Kay Liye fame. Khuda Kay Liye had won several awards and had made good business in India too. It had tackled the bold issue of terrorism. Therefore, don' t expect anything different in Bol. Bol also tackles an issue that is plaguing Pakistan for ages; the disparity in social status for women. This film has caused quite a few ripples in Pakistan when it was released a few weeks ago. May be that might have prompted the producers to release the film here in India. Also, India is a nation that is fighting the issue of gender disparity. Let' s check out the hard hitting story.

An Imam (Manzar Sehbai), in his quest to have a son, ends up having 14 daughters of whom only 7 survive. He tries another time and life plays a cruel joke on him when a hermaphrodite child is born. The story is about the Imam' s family and how they struggle for survival and also of his eldest daughter (Humaima Malick) who stands up to him for her rights.

It takes real guts to make a story like Bol, especially in Pakistan, where your life could be in danger for making a film like this. Shoaib has done a great job. This film has many twists and turns in the plotline hence, not much can be written about the concept or else the suspense can be affected.

The story, written by Shoaib himself is a gritty one. It makes you wonder whether you yourself are a hypocrite. There are many who talk about women' s equality, but deep down, they are biased. This story will definitely make you wonder whether you are one of those people. There are some flaws though, in some parts the story tends to drag a bit. The dialogues are great and hard hitting.

The direction is extremely good. Shoaib displays a good mastery of the craft and the narration is quite riveting. He also handles all the technicalities of the film very well. He gets good performances out of all the actors. Though, he could have totally cut out one song featuring Iman Ali. The song looks completely forced. Also, there are parts where the film slows down. However, it does not affect the film overall and hence; Shoaib can be forgiven for these minute flaws.

Another plus point of the film is the acting. All the actors have given solid performances. Though, some have smaller roles than the others, they still manage to do a decent job. The lead actress Humaima is the best of the lot. The scenes where she stands up to her father are impactful, and the tension between her and her father can be literally felt. Manzar Sehbai is convincing as the Imam and plays the perfect antagonist. Cheema also does a fantastic job. Atif Aslam has limited scope in his role but is okay in whatever he does.

The cinematography and editing is good. The music is great and adds to the overall appeal of the film. The background is effective in enhancing the impact of the scenes. The production value of the film is good and the film does not look shoddy at all.

Bol was released in India probably with a profit motive. The previous release of Shoaib, Khuda Kay Liye had made good money. Therefore, Bol had been well promoted and then released in India. This film will do well and with a few public holidays around the corner, it is sure to draw some crowd.

Rating: ***

Verdict: Bol is a hard hitting film and will definitely make its presence felt on the box-office.

Reviewed by Harshal Anand

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Geo Films

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