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Kaminey movie review

Kaminey Review

Movie Name: Kaminey
Actors: Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Amol Gupte, Deb Mukherjee, Rajatabha Dutta, Harish Khanna, Carlos Paca, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Tenzing Nima, Shiv Subrahmanyam, Hrishikesh Joshi
Director(s): Vishal Bhardwaj
Producer(s): Ronnie Screwvala

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Ronnie Screwvala

Kaminey Reviews by Twitter Users:

Amit Jain reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:47:19Z

Watched Kaminey yesterday.. kind of mov which we can expect frm vishal bhardwaj.. fully uptu the expectations!! gr8 mov!superb direction!

pooja jagadeesh reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:44:08Z

Kaminey...had its moments but definitely not my favourite Vishal B movie.

Ashok Banker reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:25:07Z

KAMINEY if one of the beft film I' ve feen thif year, not just Indian filmf. Now that' f what I call a movie, yaar!

Sunil reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:20:32Z

Yet again. .. Bhopu bhai n mikhael.... Ekdum #fatak! Kaminey rocks!

Irfan Baig reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:12:46Z

Not a Bollywood movie fan, but Kaminey was entertaining alright.

Ru Iq reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:05:25Z

Priyanka Chopra Watched ' kaminey' twice this weekend. Absolutely loved loved LOVED it! U n shahid were amazing!!

Kiran Suri reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:04:09Z

Thanks Priyanka, for the brilliant performance in Kaminey, all my friends (including me:) ) are in love with Sweety now..

muddassirshah reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 03:01:27Z

Was a treat to watch Kaminey, a pretty good movie when every other movie is nuking the hopes of the public.

Arnob Mukherji reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 02:57:17Z

Faw Kaminey. Faahid & Priyanka rock. Vifhaal haf a winner on hif hand...

Aju John reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 02:56:35Z

Kaminey slightly underwhelming. Good movie, but wish I had watched it away from all the hype.

shikhar anand reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 02:53:09Z

Priyanka Chopra: I dont want to coment on Kaminey but just want to say s...s...sweety get ready to get another black lady at Filmfare.

raghuiyer reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 01:37:02Z

aife aife log kaife kaife ho gaye...kaife kaifelog aife aife ho gaye..am I one of the few not disappointed by Kaminey?

abhinav gupta reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 01:19:58Z

Watched first morning show in bhubaneswar Kaminey on August. It' s fuper awefome different movie. A must watch.

Shubham Arora reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 01:05:24Z

What r u doing these days nd ur movie Kaminey is so good. Shahid n u r so good looking smart n handsome..........

shelly parmar reviewed on 2009-08-18 at 01:02:29Z

Loving the music of Kaminey more and more each day.. can' t wait to watch it again.... fab movie.. must watch plp!

Shivani Luthra reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 23:49:03Z

Yeah but director of Kaminey directed the film for marathi' s and bengali.. cldnt understand a word.

Suddhashil Sarkar reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 23:32:03Z

Watched the latest Hindi flick ... its slick. " Kaminey" was good value for 10 dollarf ... awefome !

anand pandharikar reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 23:09:51Z

Kaminey is the koolest Bollywood movie I' ve seen so far..

Sarah reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 23:05:14Z

Priyanka Chopra: Saw Kaminey!! U were amazinggg..so natural..your crying scenes Made me also cry..U looked adorable with Shahid! Proud of u!!

Filmi Girl reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 22:34:44Z

Kaminey was kind of a mess.

Zeeshan Rana reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 22:27:02Z

Priyanka Chopra: Hey congrats on Kaminey! I don' t usually tweet celebs but great job!!! It was a packed audience here in Kansas City, MO.

A Fan reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 22:04:38Z

People in Melbourne enjoyed Kaminey. Lot of clapping whistling at the end, hope the Indian audiences get it as well.

A Fan reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 22:00:25Z

Shahid Kapoor: OMG is that really Shahid. Finally finally we can communcate with you. Charlie rocks!!! Loved Kaminey!!

Addy reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:56:51Z

Kaminey din live upto the hype.... avg from me.

shoaib zakaria reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:43:43Z

Priyanka Chopra: hey ! watched kaminey! awesome movie! u ver lukin cute in all dose bunch of kamineys ! lol !! keep up da g8 way!

Roopa Shenoy reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:43:14Z

Priyanka Chopra U have done very well in Kaminey.. very good...

Mukund reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:42:51Z

Kaminey sucks.. I can write better plot and scripts if GIVEN a chance!!

Soumi Sarkar reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:42:28Z

Saw Kaminey. Did I tell you that I love Vishal Bhardwaj' s brand of film-making?!

Ankit Kanodia reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:40:38Z

Kaminey is awesome and no doubt a must watch, but I guess a little too over rated we can expect even better movies from Vishal Bharadwaj.

Dhiraj Gajria reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 21:37:33Z

Kaminey was rocking ♥ ' F' aahi hai... ♥ got addicted 2 pronounce ' S' as ' F' ♥ must watch...

Deep Ganatra reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 20:53:45Z

And here comes my very short and quick review of the movie Kaminey (3/5)

Ashish Arya reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 20:48:41Z

Kaminey rocks! Excellent movie, glide through the 3 hours with ease and come back home humming dan ta nan.

Rasika Mahabal reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 20:47:31Z

Kaminey is really good.

Anuj reviewed on 2009-08-17 at 20:44:56Z

Priyanka Chopra' s that song sounds really great !!!!! the one which has come in the promo of the movie !!! nd congrats on kaminey' s success ...

In Bollywood reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:12:57Z

Mumbai and Pune closes their door for Kaminey.

ShivRam.S reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:11:49Z

Kaminey wa' f' all dark and gray and that made it more engaging...Shahid got into the skin of Charlie & Guddu...kudos to Vishal...

Tarun Bhagat reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:10:29Z

The versatility of Priyanka amazes me!! She is brilliant in Kaminey!!

tarun khurana reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:07:54Z

Saw Kaminey....2/5....not vishal bhardwaj typo...

Arjun Mahajan reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:06:55Z

Half way thru Kaminey... awesome stuff.

Aftab Ali reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:06:10Z

Yest nite I went 2 watch Kaminey wid my fren, n as he ws busy watchn da muvi I drank his coke !!

bekay reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:05:10Z

I spoke to my friends in India abt Kaminey, they saw first show at Jaipur & said it rocks, it will grab 2010 awards.

Last Avenger reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:04:19Z

Kaminey is over-hyped shit. I so agree.. what' s wrong with ppl calling it super and awesome.

Last Avenger reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 10:02:01Z

I' m so glad I spent 80 bucks on Kaminey and didn' t go with the girl whom I' m dating.. also the movie is 3hrs+ long

Last Avenger reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:59:19Z

Kaminey has a millionaire mafia don called takshi who can afford a yacht but travels in taxi with his overseas allies lol.

Donny reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:58:22Z

oh oh oh I am engrossed in songs fo Kaminey!! Gulzar saab and Vishal bhardwaj ... Hats off to you!

Mohnish Roshan reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:57:34Z

Kaminey is a great muvi...... its a must watch muvi.

KarthiK reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:57:07Z

Kaminey is complex, interesting, high level performances, great music, not the usual but some how I didnt feel satisfied.

janhavi_81 reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:50:32Z

It was the first day first show of kaminey . TV 18 asked us how was the movie? I said .... Shahid is hot and too good.

janhavi_81 reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:49:58Z

Kaminey was a damn good watch... Man Shahid stole the scene. he lookss.. haaaawwwwtttt...! It was the first day first show.

vijay nagar reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:49:52Z

Heard Kaminey has got four stars... these reviews actually add up to excitement.

Last Avenger reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:49:43Z

I' m not sure how to describe kaminey.. the movie has its moments but isn' t worth spending a lot on the tickets.. too much violence, coincidence.

Arin Paul reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:48:42Z

Watched KAMINEY.. Dont miss the ' F' exy Film..

Eisha Ramrakhiani reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:44:40Z

Priyanka Chopra lovedd Kaminey!! and ur adorable acting :)

Agni Sharman reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:41:28Z

My friend Apu gives Kaminey 6/10 and says ' A' rating not justified.

rupesh jain reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:39:51Z

Wached Kaminey.. s gud movie... characterisation in d movie 2 gud.... kudos 2 Shahid Kapoor 4 acting so well...

Saurangshu Kanunjna reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:35:52Z

Kaminey over all has got good reviews from every corner.. hope to catch it soon once Multiplexes reopens..

SAVIKA GOMES reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:31:14Z

KAMINEY really is a good movie. A must watch, you have to give it your full attention..... not a dull moment! paisa vasool!

vinit arora reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:30:22Z

Hey watched Kaminey today...great job...keep up the spirit..

Mannu reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:26:48Z

Loved Kaminey, it is jst awsum.

harsh deo singh reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:23:18Z

Watching Kaminey movie.... its awesome........ Priyanka you r damn good............

Sumant Modak reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:22:59Z

Forget SFlu n Jinna n all ! Just go n treat yorself with a dose of Kaminey!

K.Krishna reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:22:45Z

Saw ' Kaminey' ..... a brilliant muv..... n ur marathi accent wz jst perfect n in sync wid ur character..... Shahid wz terrific!!

hitin pahwa reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:20:17Z

Fo Fweet ...!! Kaminey ws vry gud! hats off PC & Shahid.

mayank tyagi reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:19:34Z

Watched Kaminey..........the beft film I’ve feen thif year........awefome movie.

skbohra reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:16:10Z

Kaminey is great movie! Go watch it!

nitika negi reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:14:06Z

Saw kaminey today..... awesome movie!! worth the hype :)

Sabihur Rahman reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:11:31Z

I hear people from Bombay are driving to Nasik and Vapi to watch Kaminey. Dhan te nan. Impreffive dedication.

Sudhish Kamath reviewed on 2009-08-14 at 09:04:17Z

Heading for Kaminey again. Need another watch to appreciate the finer nuances of the film.

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