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United Six movie review

United Six Review

Movie Name: United Six
Actors: Parvathy Omanakuttan, Daisy Bopanna, Mahi, Isha Batwe, Luna Lakhar, Pooja Sharma
Director(s): Vishal Aryan Singh
Producer(s): White House Productions Limited, C.G.Patel

Editor Review: United Six Movie Review
United six falls flat in the name of an action entertainer. Avoid it!!! Genre- Action/Thriller. Running Time - Around 2 Hours. Rating - *1/2 (Turkey).
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Genre - Action/Thriller

Running Time - Around 2 Hours

Sometimes I do wonder why Indian film-makers don' t attempt making some fast paced flicks based exclusively on chicks! A flick that may be as cool as a Charles Angels that not only shows all the curves of the fairer sex but also showcases their skills as a unit that' s able to pull off anything, just anything. Sometime back rumors have it that a noted film-maker from India was making a movie exclusively made for ladies, but I don' t know what happened to the movie. No idea if the film has been shelved or not but I think the project has fizzed out for reasons best known to them.

Sadly, I can' t remember any of the fanfares matching the above listed criterion of a class film based on women. The only film I can think of is Anubhav Sinha' s Dus which has Shilpa Shetty doing some great stunts instead of just being there and soaring temperatures all over for a change. Having said that, it was not a full-fledged effort thus may not be counted.

One of the latest film this week, United Six tries to fill that space and let' s scrutinize if that' s able to do that or fails to sizzle the opportunity.

After you as a potential cinegoer who has watched various foreign films related to the genre watching United Six get an impression that it' s a joker of all and master of none. Yes; it feels like a movie that has been loaded with various scenes that has already been done and you have seen them too.

United Six has six women essaying different roles but it' s not about only their life but it' s absolutely about the heist that they carry out successfully. The concept behind making the flick is novel yet eye-grabbing but it' s the shabby screenplay and writing that puts this novel concept off the track. As the writing is not up to the mark, it makes the effort less exciting and only partly engaging, sometimes so-so, sometimes indulging and sometimes restricted.

Final Word? United Six could have been an engaging fare had the screenplay and the writing been watertight.

Let' s see the basic plot of the movie in words of Mr. Taran Adarsh, a noted film critic

"United Six is the story of six girls living in Bangkok. They are going through a tough phase in their lives. Their dreams are shattered, their aspirations crushed. Out of frustration and anger, they decide to rob a bank. One of the girls, Jia, who was fired from the bank for refusing to sleep with her boss, convinces the others and leads them."

"They rent a bakery adjacent to the bank and start digging a tunnel which would lead them to the bank. They soon realize that it' s not as easy as it seems like. However, they continue with their mission, but one by one, on one pretext or the other, the girls start getting jittery. Jia continues to motivate them, but finds it getting more and more difficult with every passing hour. Eventually, they decide to call it quits. Next morning, they get the shock of their life when they learn that the bank has been robbed and the cops are hunting for them. The girls are caught in a perilous situation..."

Hmmm…seems like a good plot but like earlier said, it' s the writing that put it off the track to be a winning prospect.

Despite some of its blemishes, United Six grabs your attention, especially for two things. The first one is that the film has been shot well. Second point that catches you by a complete yet pleasant surprise is the interval point and the way the story culminates during the climax.

First time director Vishal Aryan Singh does well and tries hard to step in to the coveted shoes of none other than the thriller masters themselves, Abbas-Mustan but as I said earlier a tighter screenplay could have saved the day. As there are more non-catching moments than the engaging one, the graph of this so-called flick goes down. And How!

Musically speaking, Pritam' s Music is strictly okay but placements of the songs are not good and do not support the narrative well. Action flicks should not have songs as it diverts the attention of a potential moviegoer. Classic examples of movies that have done well at the box-office without songs are ' Sarkaar' and ' A Wednesday' . Cinematography by Sugin Mamai is very striking and it' s because of that reason the flick wears a cool look throughout.

Talking of the performances, six new girls make their way to the tinsel town and all does well. The six actresses (Parvathy Omanakuttan, Daisy Bopanna, Mahi, Isha Batwe, Luna Lakhar and Pooja Sharma) are cleanly passable. In fact, all of them do not get enough scope to showcase their individual talents as it' s the erratic screenplay that does not allow them any.

On the whole, United Six could have been an engaging fanfare had its screenplay tight and apt for a movie. It entertains but in parts but that' s not accepted from an action thriller.

From the box-office point of view, the movie stands no chances whatsoever. Highly Avoidable!

Rating - *1/2 (Turkey)

Verdict - United Six does not have unity to carry itself home, avoid it!

Movie Reviewed By - Md. Waliur Rahman

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White House Productions Limited, C.G.Patel

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