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Vikalp movie review

Vikalp Review

Movie Name: Vikalp
Actors: Deepal Shaw, Alok Nath, Chetan Pandit, Nirmal Pandey, Abhijeet Lehri, Akshay Singh, Pankaj Berry, Onkar Shinde, Jyoti Joshi, Abhay Joshi
Director(s): Sachin P. Karande
Producer(s): Madhav Movies, Onkar Entertainment, Parmeshwar Vyas, Subhash Dudani, Keshar K. Shinde, Hanif Baig, Kavita Parmeshwar Vyas

Editor Review: Vikalp Movie Review
Vikalp shall not be on priority this weekend. It' s a sheer wastage of an interesting idea. Thumbs Down! Rating - * (Flop)
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Genre - Thriller

Running Time - 2 Hours

This is something that has happened for an umpteen number of times and it' s far from being understandable. Yes; why many filmmakers do gets inspired by that one page script that looks like a great prospect; but only on paper. And when these so called great scripts are executed as a feature film, the final product that comes out is nothing less than disasters.

You must have come across the comments made by many trade pundits and reviewers that the lame execution of a sound script has tanned the whole effort or a tighter script could have safely carried the film home.

Despite of these comments and suggestions made from time to time since ages from out end, some of the filmmakers would not end making up those wrongly executed and crafted movies not even fit for the trash folder.

Yes; we are talking about another such movie that' s high in presentation but flawed as the final project. Vikalp is the recent one to join those genres of movies that are well-fitted for garbage.

A number of films just like Vikalp could be mentioned here that promises to be great enterprises in their promos but as you watch them unfold reel by reel, that excitement level disappears. And how!

Vikalp could have been better if concentrated more on tightening of the script. So, what the problem with Vikalp; let' s find out.

Well, the writer seems clueless when it comes to doing justice to the subject material. What could' ve been a taut edge-of-the-seat thriller becomes a tame, bland and amateurish attempt in its latter reels. In fact, the sequences leading to the finale and also the conclusion of the film throw a spanner in the works.

States Taran Adarsh in whose words let' s see the basic plot of this dilapidated flick set to bow down in days to come. It shall continue to be a non-starter.

Rishika Gandhi [Deepal Shaw], a docile, middle class girl from an orphanage, is a sort of prodigy in the field of computer education. She works in an IT company in Mumbai. Some goof up happens and she resigns from her job. At the same time, her personal life too gets a jolt from the blue when her boyfriend' s family accuses her of using their son for seeking financial security. Humiliated and heart-broken, Rishika decides to leave India and takes up the offer from a Bangkok-based software company.

In Bangkok, Rishika gradually realizes that she is caught in a network of internet criminals and is being used as a hacker. Her passport is also with the company, so she can' t really escape. She is given a false identity of a criminal and she has nothing and no one on her side to prove that she is Rishika Gandhi.

Wow! Seems a great plot from reading itself in the first instance, right folks? But, like we said the lame execution of what could have been a better movie fails the whole efforts in a flash. Thumbs down!

Director Sachin P. Karande knows his job well. Be it Payback which released a fortnight ago or Vikalp, his choice of making movie is well appreciated. Though, he is choosing interesting scripts to work on, he is being completely letdown by his writers. Time for a much sought after writing classes, right Sachin?

Talking of the performances, we have seen Deepal Shaw sparkle in her earlier movies like Kalyug and a Wednesday and her stint to be a better actress continues. And how!

She sinks her teeth in to the character she plays and does full justice to the role. Must say, she has bettered her previous attempts. Akshay Singh does quite well and manages a decent performance.

Kranti Prakash Singh is the surprise element of the movie as he flings a surprise every time he appears on the screen. He is just splendid.

Amongst other actors, Chetan Pandit is good and convincing. Nirmal Pandey is wasted and same can be said for the veteran Alok Nath. Abhijeet Lahiri is useful. Pankaj Berry is alright. The actress enacting the role of Suzy is strictly okay.

On the whole, Vikalp is a superb idea horribly gone wrong in the execution of the script. A colossal opportunity wasted like never before!

From the box-office point of view, Vikalp has got a strong competitor in No One Killed Jessica and many other lesser-known movies. Already being panned severely by critics and audiences alike, Vikalp has no Vikalp but to bow down. Avoid it, please!

Rating - * (Flop)

Verdict - Vikalp is an interesting idea gone horribly wrong in its final drafting. Avoid it!

Movie Reviewed By - Md. Waliur Rahman

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Madhav Movies, Onkar Entertainment, Parmeshwar Vyas, Subhash Dudani, Keshar K. Shinde, Hanif Baig, Kavita Parmeshwar Vyas

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The movie Vikalp has got 2.5 stars. Its great considering it has a female protagonist!

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OyeCinema reviewed on 2011-01-06 at 17:26:32Z

#Vikalp, with Deepal Shaw & the late Nirmal Pandey is a thriller with an interesting premise.

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surruchi more reviewed on 2011-01-06 at 03:35:10Z

Deepal shaw in d studios to promote " Vikalp" .... not impressive, sorry! :(

VARON B K SHARMA reviewed on 2011-01-06 at 03:32:20Z

Watched Vikalp last night must mention am bowled over by actor Deepal Shaw' s performance. She is bound to hit big time in the future.

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