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Ramaa - The Saviour movie review

Ramaa - The Saviour Review

Movie Name: Ramaa - The Saviour
Actors: Tanushree Datta, Saahil Khan, Khali, Koustuv Ghosh, Ishita Panchal, Ananya Shukla, Zhanki Pabari, Arjun Nandwani, Taleb Ibrahim
Director(s): Haadi Abrar
Producer(s): Abdul Aziz Bablu

Editor Review: Raama - The Savior Movie Review
Raama - The Savior is destined to bow down instantly. It has got no chance whatsoever. A complete whitewash! Avoid it to feel at ease!
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We often feel amazed that in India only a certain section like Kids is targeted while planning to make a movie unlike in Hollywood where a kid movie can simply cut across the barrier and even made teens and adults to go for it, convincingly.

With Raama- The Savior, the movie tries to venture out in to a territory not explored before by a Hindi Movie; Video Gaming.

So, do all the gimmicks get its due or not? Means what is the final word for Raama- The Savior?

It' s not at all a convincing fare and fails to churn out as what had been planned in the script in the first place.

Let' s see the kinky story of the movie in the words of Taran Adarsh, a noted film critic and what does he thinks of the performances.

It' s a story of six kids - Rohan, Riddhi, Kunal, Komal, Sameer and Saanjh. The kids play a newly launched video game - The Last Battle - and while playing the game, they suddenly find themselves on an isolated island. The children, while exploring the island, run into trouble. Riddhi is attacked by a giant, Wali [Khali], but is rescued by Ramaa [Sahil Khan], who lives in this jungle all alone. Danger arrives in the form of a boat commanded by Kali with a small army of mercenaries and a scientist-assistant Samara [Tanushree Dutta]. The rest of the tale depicts the fight between the good and the evil.

It' s the writing that plays a spoilsport and doesn' t do justice to the concept and the efforts invested in the project. Let me explain. To start with, there should have been some detailing on the protagonist [Sahil Khan], who comes across as a mix of Tarzan and Conan the Barbarian. He has the ability to connect via telepathy with humans and animals, we' re told, but what is he doing in the secluded island-jungle? Besides, what' s Wali' s [Khali] connection with Ramaa? Also, why were they fighting in the first place? Is Vali human or demon or spirit? Tanushree' s character isn' t well penned either. She belongs to the evil camp, but crosses over to Ramaa' s side without any valid justification.

Sahil Khan exhibits his physique to the optimum, but the screenplay doesn' t offer him scope to exhibit histrionics. Tanushree surprises in action scenes. She' s wonderful. The new villain, Taleb, looks ferocious. Khali is okay. The kids, all of them, are super confident.

On the whole, Raama- The Savior is not at all a convincing flick.

From the box-office point of view, the movie shall end as a disaster.

Rating: * out of 5 (Flop)

Verdict: Even the real Raama can not help this movie fro tanking. Best Avoided!

Movie Reviewed By: Md. Waliur Rahman

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Abdul Aziz Bablu

Ramaa - The Saviour Reviews by Twitter Users:

SK reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 10:17:53Z

Ramaa The Saviour (Hindi)starring Khali releases today..it' ll have subtitles to decipher what Khali speaks

Fenil Seta reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 09:33:12Z

Ramaa-The Saviour: Full of thrills and chills!

NEWS reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 09:30:34Z

Ramaa - The Saviour Review: Not convincing

gupsip reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 09:29:00Z

Ramaa The Saviour going hi-tech

Koimoi.com reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 08:15:23Z

Review: ' Ramaa The Saviour' . Saahil Khan hardly acts; all he does is expose his physique. Khali can hardly act.

Manish Kanojia reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 05:28:20Z

All three have flops written allover them: 3 new movies in cinemas today: ' A Flat' , ' Dunno Y' and ' Ramaa - The Saviour' .

✔ Sunil Chunder reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 04:16:06Z

The gr8 Khali starrer ' Ramaa-The saviour' is it a thrilling film? NO! Its an absolute kiddie treat ..

Movies & Showtimes reviewed on 2010-11-12 at 03:05:23Z

As a whole Ramaa the Saviour will be an experience young kids will like.

Travel & Adventure reviewed on 2010-11-11 at 19:45:43Z

Adventure unlimited in Ramaa The Saviour: Shot in the jungles of Thailand with gaming as its base, this film pro...

TravelDude reviewed on 2010-11-11 at 17:07:44Z

Adventure unlimited in Ramaa The Saviour.

Bollywood Basanti reviewed on 2010-11-11 at 13:25:22Z

Tanushree' s Taekwondo Twist For Saviour! - It' s a cinematic stunner that' s certain to delight children.

MouthShut.com reviewed on 2010-11-10 at 22:22:55Z

4/5 Review on Ramaa The Saviour Movie by drmakku : apt.for the all age group

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