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Dus Tola movie review

Dus Tola Review

Movie Name: Dus Tola
Actors: Manoj Bajpayee, Aarti Chhabria, Pallavi Sharda, Siddharth Makkar, Govind Namdeo, Dilip Prabhawalkar, Asrani, Ninad Kamat, Bharti Achrekar, Asif Basra, Brijendra Kala, Kishore Nandlaskar, Kunwar Pragy Arya, Shiju Kataria, Suhita Thatte
Director(s): Ajoy
Producer(s): Kunwar Pragy Arya, Sanjay Bhattacharjee, Sushma Reddy

Editor Review: Dus Tola Movie Review
Dus Tola is a kind of movie that should not be made in the first place. Okay guys, if you finally decided to make the film, why not work honestly to at least recover the financial costs involved in the making? Don' t even think of watching Dus Tola or you would come out fully cheated... Rating: * (Flop)
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First things first!

Dus Tola starring Manoj Bajpai and Aarti Chabaria is a plain and simple story put together with resemblances to many a movies but the final outcome is boring and plain enough to put you off.

It' s actually the content and writing of the movie that' s very much erratic that it does not leaves a cinegoer convinced after leaving the auditorium.

Final word? Dus Tola is not at all good as far as the expectations were from the masses. It lacks spunk, avoid the same.

Let' s see what it has in the name of story in the pivotal word of Taran Adarsh

"Shankar [Manoj Bajpayee] is the much loved goldsmith of a quaint coastal town Sonapur. Shankar is head over heels in love with the town beauty, his cunning astrologer neighbour' s daughter Suvarnalata [Aarti Chhabria]. Needless to say, Shastri [Dilip Prabahvalkar], Suvarna' s father, is opposed to the budding romance."

"Suvarna cooks up a fool-proof plan to manipulate her father into accepting the alliance. She convinces a smitten Shankar to make a necklace of not one tola, not two tolas, but ten tolas of gold so he can show Shastri that he can take care of his daughter and he is a suitable husband for her. Shankar puts everything he has at stake and slogs day and night to make a necklace for his beloved."

"A shocking turn of events leaves Shankar flabbergasted. He feels cheated, but the truth is out soon."

Looks like a good plot but the saddest part is that the director has failed to execute it with ease the way it was written. If the climax is ridiculous, the writing is patchy, the direction is equally inconsistent. The unmelodious songs add to the length of the movie and irk a viewer big time.

What to speak about performances of such a cheesy movie like Dus Tola?

Manoj Bajpai is a confirmed miscast in the film. A younger artist would have been able to do and convince what Manoj lacks doing. Sadly, the leading lady, Aarti Chabaria does not looks convincing at all, though she tries hard to essay her role but the bad writing and awful dialogues puts her off.

On the whole, Dus Tola is a kind of flick that would like never to have arrived on the scene on left the scene without a whimper. It' s a wrong movie to opt for this weekend.

From ticket-window point of view, Dus Tola would be getting a strong competition from other releases of the week, especially Rakhta Charitra, which is currently enjoying rave reviews. The distributors and producers of Dus Tola are destined to curtail heavy losses.

Rating: * (Flop)

Verdict: Dus Tola won' t recover even its making costs!

Movie Reviewed by: Md. Waliur Rahman

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Kunwar Pragy Arya, Sanjay Bhattacharjee, Sushma Reddy

Dus Tola Reviews by Twitter Users:

Deepak Pradeep reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 11:37:19Z

Aint ' Dus Tola' the remake of a Malayalam movie..' Ponmutta Idunna Tharavu' , all the very best for the movie..

Cafe Bharat reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 11:24:09Z

DUS TOLA: Film: DUS TOLARating: 1.5/5

Abinash Gupta reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 09:24:35Z

RC - 1 the bst pic of dis Friday by Taran Adarsh n Hisss, JHS n Dus Tola all declared bad cinema by him!

Deep Gambhir reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 07:19:18Z

Reviews says Rakhtcharitra a hit but Jhoota hi sahi and Dus Tola Disasterous for actors, makers, investors and lastly audience....

NightsEmbrace reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 07:09:40Z

Dus Tola Review - Lacks glitz and sparkle

Rishi Darda reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 06:46:59Z

Lokmat - Jhoota hi sahi - 2 stars - low on content, could watch for John Abraham. Dus tola - 1 star - waste of money

Bollywood Reviews reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 06:31:12Z

Dus Tola will go completely disregarded and eventually fall into the category of those films that arr

Shivam Sharma reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 05:43:59Z

' Dus Tola' only gets a 1/2 star less than ' Jhootha Hi Sahi' The makers of Dus Tola just got extreme orgasm.

Movies & Showtimes reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 03:59:33Z

There is no one liner to this story, something that could hold interest. Overall, Dus Tola is best avoid...

Manoj Bajpayee reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 03:48:48Z

dus tola - cute little story that leaves a smile worth a watch - 3 stars - jeeturaaj radio mirchi mumbai

Nikhilesh Venkatrama reviewed on 2010-10-22 at 03:25:33Z

Rakht charitra I gets a 3, jhootha a 1.5 and Dus tola a 1. Guess which one I am going to see?

bollyscoops reviewed on 2010-10-21 at 17:26:46Z

Bollywood Aarti - Strength of Dus Tola lies in its simplicity: In Dus Tola, Aarti plays the role of Suvarnalata a....

Bollywood Ji reviewed on 2010-10-21 at 15:30:25Z

Aarti - Strength of Dus Tola lies in its simplicity

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