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Phoonk 2 movie review

Phoonk 2 Review

Movie Name: Phoonk 2
Actors: Sudeep, Amruta Khanvilkar, Ahsaas Channa, Neeru Singh, Anu Ansari, Ashwini Kalsekar, Ganesh Yadav, Zakir Hussain, Vikas Srivastav, Jeeva, Amit Sadh, Rahul Pendkalkar
Director(s): Milind Gadagkar
Producer(s): P Chandrashekhar, Prashant Burra

Editor Review: Phoonk 2 Movie Review
Phoonk had given us moments of fear and thrills. So what one expects from its sequel is more horrifying and a way advanced to the first one. So did Phoonk 2 fulfill the expectations? Sadly not. Phoonk 2 rarely holds a moment of horror in the entire film. It' s a complete let down of Phoonk. Not up to the expectations. Disappointing!
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Director Ram Gopal Varma' s love for horror continues with the sequel of Phoonk - Phoonk 2. Phoonk had given us moments of fear and thrills. So what one expects from its sequel is more horrifying and a way advanced to the first one. So did Phoonk 2 fulfill the expectations? Sadly not. Phoonk 2 rarely holds a moment of horror in the entire film. The idea was good but not translated efficiently on the screen. Bad writing lets down the film. One more let down is that the film moves very slowly, making you sit painfully in your chair and wait for the next interesting/terrifying moment. Slow pace is what doesn' t work with a horror film and that is what we get in Phoonk 2.

Milind Gadagkar, the writer turned director has handled the idea right, but the problem is with writing. You keep wondering where the spirit of the film has gone.

Phoonk ended with the mysterious Madhu' s (Ashwini Kalsekar) killing. Madhu mastered black magic and used it on daughter (Ahsaas Channa) of Rajiv (Sudeep). Rajiv kills Madhu in Phoonk. However in Phoonk 2 Madhu comes back to pay back to him. Rajiv has now moved to new location with wife Aarti (Amruta Khanvilkar) and their kids Raksha (Ahsaas) and Rohan. The kids start playing around their new house. Scariness begins when Rajiv' s children find a doll and there after the chain of terrifying events begins.

In the film you will see every little thing which can give a horror like feel - secluded bungalow, night sequences, terrifying sounds and the silence. However, it lacked a captivating story. The pre-interval part of the film is simply has no movement except the pre-interval sequence. However the post-interval part holds many unconvincing sequences.

Talking about performances, Sudeep and Amruta Khanvilkar have done a good job. Child actors also performed well. You can see RGV’s eye in the camera movements. Amit Sadh and Neeru didn' t have to do much in the film. Meanwhile, Ashwini Kalsekar is also there for very short time period.

In all, Phoonk 2 is no way ahead of its original. It' s a complete let down of Phoonk. Not up to the expectations. Disappointing!

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P Chandrashekhar, Prashant Burra

Phoonk 2 Reviews by Twitter Users:

Vivek Iyer reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 11:21:12Z

Whether u go 4 Pepsi or Phoonk 2 only you are goin 2 lose money...better take kids TO SUMWHERE ELSE

Naresh Adepu reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 10:55:23Z

ystrdy late nite, went for ' phoonk 2' .. was in hope to get thrill n scary.. but found only dipshit. Screenplay sucks.

wogma reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 09:45:10Z

Phoonk 2: 40 reviewers gave avg rating of 0.8/5.0 - 3 thumbs up, 30 thumbs down & 7 so-so

cliqzbollywood reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 09:22:00Z

RGVs gift to man who watched Phoonk 2

Amol Mathur reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 09:16:14Z

WOW is the word for Phoonk 2. Awesome movie. Better than part 1. :) Loving it.

Ary News reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 08:36:13Z

Phoonk 2: To get a sequel going and have it equally engrossing as its predecessor takes some doing.

Entertainment Daily reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 07:58:00Z

Now ' Paathshaala' and ' Phoonk 2' fail - What' s the excuse of the week?

Odisha360 reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 07:23:47Z

Ram Gopal Verma' s " Phoonk-2: The warning fizzles out"

dulari reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 07:04:07Z

Saw " Phoonk 2" with closed eyes ;)

Gunjan Chakrabarty reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 06:33:30Z

Why Ram Gopal Varma has this obsession with horror? Since Phoonk 2 is a disaster, Ramu may decide to get back with one more!That is SCARY!

Hareesh reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:51:26Z

Phoonk 2 from RGV stable is nothing more than a children' s movie

sayani saha reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:33:43Z

If u wanna waste your money watch Phoonk 2.. worth it.

Ashutosh Vyas reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:29:25Z

Abhinav says : I.saw both PAATHSHAALA and PHOONK 2 and couldnt decide which one was more closer to WORST MOVIE OF THE MILLENIUM.

Daksh Bhatnagar reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:27:52Z

Damn...It should be Paathshaala in Natraj but unfortunately it phoonk 2.

Hindi Movie Reviewer reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:26:11Z

Box Office : 40% attendance for Paathshaala, Phoonk 2 blows itself off

Simran Tiwari reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 05:23:09Z

Phoonk 2 sucks man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinmay Trivedi reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 04:38:44Z

A friend of mine saw ' Phoonk 2' he says " The first one was a warning" that the sequel is a disaster !!

vartika reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 04:23:01Z

Phoonk 2 has such a disgusting still image in the movie listing. Yuck!

Rama Chandram Goud K reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 03:54:57Z

Phoonk 2 not upto upto the Xpectations, Still thrilled with photography, Thanks to Ramu Sir, Waiting fort Raktha charithra !!

Aruna Manipatruni reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 02:33:48Z

Were u scared!! 1 hour 50 mins of Phoonk 2 round the corner. Wonder whr Ramsay bros are? If sum1 knew the art of making horror,

Sreeraj K reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 02:23:29Z

Watched Phoonk 2 from Newly opened PVR CHENNAI. The movie was not that good. But i liked PVR CHENNAI. it' s much cheaper than B' lore' s.

Darshan Savla reviewed on 2010-04-19 at 01:05:37Z

Phoonk 2 ne puray mood ko phoonk diya....RGV is giving out shit....

News 4 i reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 09:20:13Z

Phoonk 2 Film Reviews, 2.5 Stars

Budhaditya Sengupta reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 09:16:15Z

Phoonk 2 : First was warning, second is disaster

Bollydb.in reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 09:00:17Z

Too much noise

rediff movies reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 08:57:00Z

Phoonk 2 review: Too much noise: The happenings in this movie are not as scary as the notion that producers are re...

Stardust Filmy reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 08:51:09Z

PHOONK 2 does not scare: Movie Review

jayaramk1983 reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 08:41:41Z

" Phoonk 2" gets a 2.5 star rating from Rediff movies

Bhargava reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 08:37:14Z

Just watched avaham (Phoonk 2) guess what its not interesting ... Its boring movie...one r two scenes are fabulous though...disappoints :(

saumil reviewed on 2010-04-16 at 08:26:00Z

Phoonk 2 is a retarded piece of shit

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